Amethyst v0.30.2: Custom Zap Amounts

Adds double-click to custom Zap amounts and messages by @believethehypeAdds image upload on profile editing page by @vitorpamplonaAdds PoW Display to notes by @vitorpamplonaAdds additional Hungarian Translation by @ZsZoleeMore forgiving Wallet Connect interface by @vitorpamplonaAdds image url with loading icon when previews fail/take too long by @vitorpamplonaIncreases performance of the bottom navigation by @vitorpamplonaIncreases performance of relay icon rendering by @vitorpamplonaChanges relay byte count to count all messages from relays, including errors by @vitorpamplonaMakes the Scan QR Button available in smaller screens by @vitorpamplonaBugFix: Long names/usernames in the Profile Page breaking the layout by @vitorpamplonaBugFix: Stick reply setup from Gigi by @vitorpamplonaBugFix: Sticky notifications on account change by @vitorpamplonaBugFix: vertical position of the text in short messages with expandable content by @vitorpamplonaBugFix for cutting links in half when they are the last word in a post by @vitorpamplona

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