Alby v1.21.0: New WebLN/WebBTC Interface

The number 21 is a special number. And v1.21 is a special Alby release for all lightning app developers out there! 🎉

This version includes the new WebLN/WebBTC interface, making it easier than ever to build full lightning web applications accessing the LND and CLN APIs. No complicated node access, no macaroons, no gRPCs and what not. It’s now all plain simple JavaScript APIs and full lightning apps can be deployed as simple JavaScript web apps. Alby’s permission system gives the user full control. The user decides which API calls and what information should be accessible to the specific web app.

Noteable Changes:

add request method functionality to lnd and commando by @bumi in #1752add tests for ln request by @lisabaut in #1880add lnd routermc call by @reneaaron in #1893refactor: form el for ConfirmorCancel #1617 by @vaibhavgarg237 in #1816add 25k option for the default amounts by @bumi in #1836refactor: getOS: don’t use deprecated appVersion. by @jankoegel in #1838fix: add favicon to extension pages (firefox) by @im-adithya in #1857refactor: Navbar: constrain max width to same width as the content. by @jankoegel in #1855fix: lnurl auth return value cause  error msg by @qqqzhch in #1875feat: always focus prompt and centerd prompt by @reneaaron  in #1883

Full Changelog: v1.20.1…v1.21.0

Github Release Notes

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