Alby Extension v3.6.0: NWC Connector

“Check your browsers…Rainbow Aurora over Icelandic Waterfall is out!””At the “Add Account” onboarding screen we bring more attention to self-custodial solutions, inviting them. Alby Account is still behind-invites for new users. Learn more at:””And major new feature of this release is the NWC connector.””New NWC connector makes it possible to use the Alby Extension with any wallet that supports NWC.””NWC makes it much easier to connect to nodes behind firewalls or private networks – like Umbrel, RaspiBlitz, etc. This is an alternative to unstable and slow Tor connections.”

What’s Changed

feat: NWC connector 🤙 by @reneaaron in #2898feat: add allowance warning on HTTP sites by @pavanjoshi914 in #2948fix: styles for paymentsummary by @reneaaron in #2947chore: fix tests and remove buy bitcoin icon by @pavanjoshi914 in #2956fix: on welcome screen heading and connect button by @pavanjoshi914 in #2954feat: responsive tip cards by @pavanjoshi914 in #2957fix: core-lightning apis by @reneaaron in #2951fix: return preimage for ln settlement in galoy connector by @openoms in #2953feat: new onboarding by @reneaaron in #2952feat: centralise image and icon for smaller screens by @pavanjoshi914 in #2966

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