Zeus v0.8.0 Open Beta Launched: Embedded Node, Olympus & More

“The new ZEUS introduces an immense amount of new functionality including an embedded node, LSP connectivity, and self-custodial lightning addresses.””Beyond the functionality listed below, ZEUS v0.8.0 has countless other enhancements and bug fixes. We’re very excited to get your feedback so that we can continue to iterate on an incredible payments experience that empowers people.”

What’s new

Embedded node. “The new ZEUS features a new embedded LND node. This means that users no longer have to remotely connect to their own pre-configured lightning node back at home or in the cloud. Users simply hit ‘Quick Start’ on the intro screen and start syncing the blockchain in mere moments.”

– “While we expect most of our users to be using the embedded node moving forward, we remain committed to supporting remote connections for our original users.”Olympus. “We’ve lowered the barrier to entry with a channel service from our new lightning service provider (LSP), OLYMPUS by ZEUS.”

– “Users can generate invoices without having previously set up lightning payment channels, and have them paid and settled, nearly instantly, with our 0-conf channel service.”

– “The LSP also provides added privacy to our users by providing them with wrapped invoices that conceal their nodes’ public keys from payers.”Self-custodial lightning addresses. “With this release, we offering up a self-custodial lightning address that we’re calling ZEUS PAY. This is the first ever offering of a self-custodial lightning address in a mobile app.”

– “ZEUS PAY is available, not only just to embedded node users, but also remote LND users.”Simple Taproot Channels. “ZEUS v0.8.0 is also the first mobile wallet to include support for Simple Taproot Channels. When closing these channels, users are incur less fees and are given more privacy as they appear to like any other Taproot spend when examining their on-chain footprint.”Contact book. “ZEUS v0.8.0 also features a new contact book that you can use to quickly send payments to your friends and family. We plan to extend its functionality with Nostr support in following releases.”Neutrino block filters. “Block sync is done using block filters and the Neutrino protocol so we are given no information about our users’ on-chain funds.”Client-side path finding. “ZEUS constructs users’ lightning payment paths on their devices, so we don’t know the final destinations of our users’ payments, even when they’re forwarded through our channels.”

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