Zeus v0.8.0-beta3: New Banding & Fixes

What’s new in beta3

New brandingBug fixesKorean language support

v0.8.0 Highlights

Embedded LND nodeOLYMPUS by ZEUS 0-conf channel serviceZEUS PAY self-custodial lightning addresses, using ZaplockerSimple Taproot ChannelsContact book

What’s Changed

ZEUS-1810: Refactor store reset trigger upon connection establishment by @kaloudis in #1816Size/alignment of icons more consistent throughout the app by @myxmaster in #1814Tap-to-confirm logic for deleting passphrase / themeColor instead of red by @myxmaster in #1822AddNotes: Transparent background in all themes by @shubhamkmr04 in #1825Contacts: Fixed scrolling by @shubhamkmr04 in #1824Rebrand pt1 by @kaloudis in #1828Send: Confirm before proceeding to the address by @shubhamkmr04 in #1819Contacts: Using Header Component by @shubhamkmr04 in #1827Fixed size of ArrowLeft icon, using our own Add icon for Nodes and Contacts (like channels) by @myxmaster in #1829Fixes alignments and RTL layout in Amount.tsx by @myxmaster in #1815Replace button “Show” with Icon to show/hide passphrase by @myxmaster in #1821Replace swipeable row icons by @myxmaster in #1831DisasterRecovery: Fixed non-uniform UI by @shubhamkmr04 in #1830Save language key instead of value in settings by @myxmaster in #1832Improve layout of receive/sending lightning/sending on-chain screens by @myxmaster in #1522LSP Settings: add reset button by @kaloudis in #1834Activity Filter: In transit payments by @kaloudis in #1835Remove stroke for CaretUp by @myxmaster in #1837SendingLightning/SendingOnChain: Slightly bigger Wordmark logo by @myxmaster in #1836Make LightningSvg and OnChainSvg components dynamic with width and height props by @myxmaster in #1838Harmonize pen, close and filter icon by @myxmaster in #1839Several icon fixes by @myxmaster in #1840

Full Changelogv0.8.0-beta2…v0.8.0-beta3

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