Zeus v0.8.0-alpha49 with Simple Taproot Channels Rolled Out to Alpha Testers

“The newly shipped Zeus v0.8.0-alpha49 lets you request Simple Taproot Channels from our OLYMPUS LSP. Just go to Settings > LSP and hit the ‘Request Simple Taproot Channels’ toggle.””We’ve also updated our LSP API documentation so you can request these channels, if you’re building another wallet or piece of software.”

What’s new

LND v0.17.0-betaImproved block sync performance and page layoutContacts: Add ability to delete contactsEmbedded node: Advanced disaster recovery (now up to 21 backups are stored)LSP: add ability to request Simple Taproot Channels from OLYMPUSPathfinding: default to bimodal modeReworked activity date filter

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