Zeus v0.8.0-alpha Now Available to Olympus Subscribers, Open Beta Is Coming Soon

“Just started sending out Zeus v0.8.0 alpha invites to those who signed up for the Olympus waitlist via email. Open beta soon.””New v0.8.0 build is available for testers (alpha41). Contacts aren’t quite ready yet, but we’ll but that in a build in the coming days.””We’ve also published two new docs on our own docs site.”

1. Open a channel to the embedded LND node. Learn how to open a channel to your embedded node in Zeus.

2. Open a trusted funding channel to the embedded node. “One potential setup you can have with your in-app, embedded node in Zeus v0.8: connect to your routing node at home (or in the cloud) with a private 0-conf channel. There are a lot of perks to this set up. You skip on-chain fees, save on routing fees, segregate your main LN funds from your phone, and potentially skip the need to backup your mobile wallet.”

“Two monster PRs going into the next v0.8.0 build:Settings > Embedded Node > Peers. Manually set your Neutrino and zero-conf channel peers.Contacts V1. Add on-chain, lightning, and Nostr addresses to a contact book for quick payments.”We have a service coming out later this year that will give you a lightning address that points to your node.”

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