Zeus v0.7.7: Fixes and Improvements

“Zeus v0.7.7 went through app store review with no problems this time around,” announced the app developers.”Next up: v0.8, featuring an in-app, embedded lightning node and wallet, with support for 0-conf channels from our LSP, Olympus,” Evan Kaloudis said in Zeus Telegram group.”Zeus v0.8.0 alpha preview on TESTNET is rolling out for Zeus community supporters and Bitcoin Park Lightning Summit attendees. Reach out if you didn’t get your invite or need testnet coins,” was announced last week.

What’s new

Added confirmation process to delete a node connectionlnurlpay metadata display enhancementsNotes display enhancementsBug fix: Camera: prevent scanning in backgroundSparko interface now marked as deprecated

What’s Changed

build.sh: make sure build process can be interrupted by @schildbach in #1497Camera: prevent scanning in background by @myxmaster in #1491ZEUS-1290: Invoice details are not displayed if clicked on from Activity view by @myxmaster in #1505Node config: require confirmation to delete a node by @myxmaster in #1489Locales: fix translations in channels sort dropdown by @myxmaster in #1506Local es: add missing button labels by @myxmaster in #1490Fix button press when keyboard is open by @myxmaster in #1485Increased size of QR scanner icon by @myxmaster in #1507Locales: rename ‘copy node config’ button to ‘duplicate node config’ by @myxmaster in #1488Improved balance view buttons spacing by @myxmaster in #1515Node Info: show ‘Synced to chain’ = False if not synced by @myxmaster in #1528Add DEPRECATED label to Sparko interface by @kaloudis in #1513deps: update react-native-tcp/udp to latest versions by @ktecho in #1519lnurlpay metadata: fix scrolling issues and cut-off messages by @myxmaster in #1508Channels: await node info retrieval in enrichChannels by @myxmaster in #1523AddNotes: improved layout and colors by @myxmaster in #1520Payment request: Show fiat conversion below main amount by @myxmaster in #1526Bug Fix: External links not re-directing to mempool by @shubhamkmr04 in #1524Version bump: v0.7.7-beta1 by @kaloudis in #1531Node config: Fixed updating selected node after deleting a node by @myxmaster in #1486Bump tough-cookie from 4.0.0 to 4.1.3 by @dependabot in #1539Send: hide UTXOPicker for LND backends by @kaloudis in #1536deps: v0.7.7-beta1 by @kaloudis in #1538GitHub workflows: bump node to v16 by @kaloudis in #1547deps: bolt11 1.2.7 -> 1.4.1 by @kaloudis in #1546CLN-rest: UTXOs: fix display of amounts by @kaloudis in #1548ZEUS-1527: On-chain payment request amount not correctly processed on Send view by @kaloudis in #1535Bump word-wrap from 1.2.3 to 1.2.4 by @dependabot in #1552Zeus-1542: Fixed the notes being same for invoice and lightning payme‚Ķ by @shubhamkmr04 in #1551ZEUS-1550: AmountInput: getSatAmount: handle amounts with comma separator by @kaloudis in #1553views/AddNotes: add save icon in top right corner by @kaloudis in #1555Version bump: v0.7.7-beta2 by @kaloudis in #1556deps: react-native-qrcode-local-image update and remove patch by @kaloudis in #1557deps: remove react-native-restart by @kaloudis in #1561Disable fiat currency display for fresh install by @myxmaster in #1560Revert “deps: react-native-qrcode-local-image update and remove patch” by @kaloudis in #1562Version bump: v0.7.7 by @kaloudis in #1571

New Contributors

@schildbach made their first contribution in #1497

Full Changelog: v0.7.6…v0.7.7

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