ZeroSync’s Header Chain Verifier: Instant Bitcoin Header Chain Verification

“This is a simple demo of a chain state proof. It runs the miniSTARK verifier in WebAssembly to verify a recursive proof of Bitcoin’s header chain in your browser.”

Try it here:

ZeroSync: STARKs for Bitcoin
ZeroSync is spearheading the development of proof systems for Bitcoin. Applying groundbreaking cryptography, we are pionieering the future of Bitcoin privacy, interoperability, and scalability.

DISCLAIMER: This prototype is work in progress. This website currently validates only the header chain, and verifies no transactions yet.””We have implemented a full chain proof, yet, it is still too early-stage to invest significant computational resources in generating a proof over the entire chain. However, as we advance, we will keep this demo updated with longer and more complete chain proofs.”ZeroSync’s Robin Linus also shared his slides from TabConf that provide more details on their progress.

The web server already compresses the proof to less than 300kb.
Hardcoding the program into the verifier reduces it even further to about 100kb

— яobin linus (@robin_linus) September 9, 2023

The slides also include the roadmap for the project.

Announcement / Archive
Full Presentation
GitHub Repo

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