ZBD x PlebLab TabConf Hackathon Projects & Panels Released


PlebLab Panel with Super Testnet, Topher Scott, Austin Kelsay, and Francisco ChavarriaWhy Not to Use Stacker News by Keyan KoushaWhat I Learned Building a Misfit Hackerspace by Car Gonz√°lezLightning Builders with Andre of ZBD, Michael of ZBD, Jesse of Amboss, Michael of WavLake and Keyan of Stacker.News


Winner: UTXO Dealership

“UTXO dealership is a forthcoming privacy tool for bitcoin. It enables bitcoin miners to easily sell their freshly mined utxos for a premium, and it enables bitcoiners to acquire decent privacy simply by visiting a website and buying a history-free utxo.”

GitHub Repo (frontend)
GitHub Repo (backend)

MutiMint: 1st in the Lightning Category

MutiMint is a Mutiny Wallet with Fedimint support.

Satogram: 2nd in the “Lightning Category” and the 2nd “Peoples Favorite Category”

“Satograms are lightning keysend payments that include a custom message. Think of it like spam email, but you get paid for it.””When you receive a Satogram you have been paid by the sender! Reach out to thousands of people with your own custom message of up to ~1000 characters in only a few minutes.”

GitHub Repo

Data Buffet: “LNURL Category” winner

Data Buffet is a Nostr NIP for streamlined, scalable and high volume machine to machine payments for services.

GitHub Repo

LNPlay.live: “People’s Favorite Category” winner

LNPlay is a docker stack application that deploys private lightning network. Built with Bitcoin Core, Core Lightning, and Clams Wallet.

GitHub Repo

Peer Stables

Peer Stables – peer-to-peer stable USD representations on Lightning channels.

Flash Filez

Orange VR

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