Zaprite Platform Upgrades: Payment Links, New Receive Integrations, Subscription Plans & More

“We released our Payment Links product which is designed to be the perfect complement to our existing Business Invoices in addition to a number of important enhancements to how our customers can connect wallets and receive bitcoin.”Payment Links allows users to create individual products or services and generate unique URLs to embed or share. They can be customized with an image, description and tax amount.”Zaprite users connect their own wallet – onchain and lightning, non-custodial and custodial, xpub and multisig.””Zaprite users can upload an xpub, whether from a ColdCard, Trezor, Ledger or other hardware or software wallet, or continue to manually include a bitcoin address – and we also now support an integration with Unchained vaults for businesses using multisig – providing a range of non-custodial onchain payments.””For lightning payments, users can connect an LND node or a Strike account, now with improved API connectivity as of today that allows direct bitcoin settlement for Strike users.””We’ve also released our monthly and annual fixed fee subscription plans, which is how we plan to charge customers rather than taking a percentage of every transaction.””As we move forward, we will be integrating more and more connections – non-custodial and custodial – trusted by bitcoiners all over the world for both onchain and lightning payments.”

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