ZapplePay Added AutoZap Subscriptions

“With AutoZaps you can subscribe to anyone on nostr and ZapplePay will send your wallet a payment request for the amount you set on the interval you set. If you enable autopay in your wallet, you’re now paying a subscription to your buddy,” was explained in Mutiny blog.”It’s kind of like Patreon minus several horrible layers of fiat and ceremony. Try it out now for JB55’s npub.”Everyone’s AutoZap URL can be found at***insert_npub_here***.”Everything here is built on open standards. Any wallet that supports NWC can sign up for AutoZaps — right now Mutiny and Alby are your best choices, but we hear more wallets have support in the works.”You can also set up NWC instance (works with LND) or install a dedicated NWC app on UmbrelOS.”If you or someone you love wants to add support for NWC, the best resource right now is the NIP-47 spec. Some specifics are still in flux, but the core idea is solid.”

AutoZap Page
Mutiny Blog Post / Archive

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