ZapPlanner: Periodic Payments in Bitcoin

“Schedule Value 4 Value payments to a lightning address to support your favorite content creator.””Allow ZapPlanner to send payments on your behalf, that you have control to cancel whenever you wish.””ZapPlanner is just one example of the possibilities that NWC enables.””ZapPlanner is built on Nostr Wallet Connect (NWC) to enable seamless lightning functionality through a secure, indirect connection to your wallet, made possible by the exchange of Nostr events.”Visit to get started.”You can link users of your service to ZapPlanner with a custom confirmation link containing a custom comment or include LUD-18 data which can be used to track payments and enable services for paying users. Click this link for an example and see the ZapPlanner README for more information.””ZapPlanner uses Alby’s packages: alby-tools to parse a lightning address and request an invoice using LNURL and the Alby SDK in order to send payment request notes and read responses (with the preimage) defined by the NIP-47 spec.””Do you have any other ideas or want to contribute and improve ZapPlanner? create an issue on the github repository or send us an email!

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