Non-Custodial Lightning Address Server with Base Layer Support a non-custodial lightning address server (no node needed!),” announced Super Testnet.”Zaplocker supports zaps. If you add your zaplocker address to your nostr account, people can zap you on nostr-based social networks.””Oh yeah and you can also use it so people can zap you at normal bitcoin addresses (no lightning wallet necessary) — with no address reuse!””Zaplocker is free and open source software. You can run it yourself to provide users of your service with a lightning address without taking custody of user funds. The zaplocker name as well as the software is fully released into the public domain, with no rights reserved.””If you’re a developer, go hog wild! Make it your own! Do it your way, with your own spin, on your own server!”

How it works

“Zaplocker takes my old hodl contracts idea and applies it to lightning addresses.””A user creates an account with zaplocker by logging in with nostr and choosing a username. When they log in, they — in the background — create a bunch of lightning payment hashes and share them with the server.””The server then shows the user their lightning address and a “pending payments” dashboard.””To settle on lightning, the user must create a “custom lightning invoice” whose payment hash matches the one held by the server. Few lightning wallets let you do this, but LND does.””To settle on the base layer, the user must say what bitcoin address they want their money to end up in. The user will then coordinate a submarine swap with the server.”

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