YakiHonne Mobile Apps for Nostr Long-form Content Now Available for Testing

“The Nostr long-form content mobile app is here for you to test.Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.yakihonne.yakihonneiOS: https://testflight.apple.com/join/0ImVdAfI“Feel free to enjoy the experience and report us with feedbacks via DMs or hashtags.”

What’s new (web app)

“Add to Curation” functionality, allows you to add an article to your pre-existed curation from the article page with only two clicks.Curations tab re-design for better user experience and less buggy casesRelay wss://nostr-02.yakihonne.com based on strfry implementation has been addedHashtagged searches can be found nowAdding media files parsing for comments section in addition to links and nostr: URI schemes parsing

Bug Fixes

Top creators section showing “HomeFeed” and not “NostrFeed”Some pages are not rendered properly due to missing fetchingProfile banners not showing up due to access deniedAdd articles overlay needs double-clicking to execute (curations side)Layout breaking when zooming in (curations side)Default username (based on pubkey) missing when there is no kind-0 metadata“Hey check Me” overlay not showing up properlyComments, zaps, upvotes, bookmarks sent to all user relays not functioning properlyTags bar is not scrollable with the mouseFix missing lightning address when there are multiple user profiles

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