Y Combinator Backed Theya Aims To Build ‘The World’s Simplest Bitcoin Multisig App’

“We are building the default consumer app for Bitcoin – offering products like accumulation, lending, investments and payments – all built on top of our intuitive self-custody platform.””Our multisig wallet is like a digital safe where you need multiple keys to unlock it. For example, our 2-of-3 multi-sig wallet requires two out of three keys to approve a transaction before the Bitcoin can be spent.””Customers will always hold the two keys necessary to approve transactions. Theya holds the third key that can only be used for recovery if you misplace one of your keys, but it can never be used to transfer funds on its own.””Theya is simplifying the self-custody experience through a mobile-first multisig wallet that families can set up using iPhones and Apple Watches.””We also support other devices such as NFC cards, hardware wallets, and more that can be used as your additional keys if desired.”

All Y Combinator startups get a standard deal of $500,000 on standard terms.

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