Wasabi Wallet Announced Coinjoin API for Enterprises

Disclaimer: Wasabi Wallet’s default coordinator, zkSNACKs, has partnered with a chain surveillance company to scan all UTXOs and prevent any ‘flagged’ UTXOs from entering its coinjoin rounds.

“Now, with a simple Coinjoin API, collaborative bitcoin transactions are accessible to anyone, including companies that want to add powerful and robust privacy features to their bitcoin products, such as wallets, brokers, custodians and more.”Anonymity loves company, and that’s why we love that anyone can use our Coinjoin API to join the privacy party of our existing users. WabiSabi is efficient, fast, and flexible, where alternative clients can pioneer cutting-edge features. BTCPayServer users can efficiently batch multiple payments in a single coinjoin, and Trezor Suite users are the first to enjoy hardware wallet security of their private keys in coinjoins. This freedom to innovate on the edges will let a thousand flowers bloom,” said Max Hillebrand, CEO at zkSNACKs and Wasabi Wallet contributor. “If you are a Bitcoin company interested in joining the affiliate program and learning more about the Coinjoin API, please get in touch with zkSNACKs at integrations@zksnacks.com. “

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