Voltage Partners with Human Rights Foundation to Help Dissidents, NGOs Accept Bitcoin Donations

“The Human Rights Foundation and Voltage are proud to partner on an initiative to help dissidents and NGOs accept Bitcoin donations more quickly, easily, and safely.””HRF currently works with volunteers from the BTCPay team to help dissidents and NGOs integrate BTCPay into their web presence to accept Bitcoin donations directly.””Voltage will support this effort with easy-to-maintain BTCPay Server instances, inbound and outbound liquidity for lightning donations, and troubleshooting and technical support.””We are stoked to be working with Voltage to make self-custodial Bitcoin and Lightning donations easier for non-profit organizations and dissident groups worldwide! They’ll help with liquidity and infrastructure support as HRF continues to work with BTCPay Server contributors to help NGOs become their own banks,” said Alex Gladstein, CSO at The Human Rights Foundation.

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