Nostr Client to Interact with Data Vending Machines is a  nostr client to interact with data vending machines. It contains:

– Home page: a feed of “global” data vending machine activity;
– See the DVM requests you published;
– See the results you received. let’s you:

“Create generic job chains so you can do, well, anything:

– Create a personalized trending topics list based on what you’ve written in the past week;
– Create transcription of 10 podcasts and compile them into a TL;DR of 5 paragraphs;
– Create AI images based on the content of every note you’ve written in the past week;
– Summarize what topics your network has been most actively discussing in the past 24 hours into a well-formatted one-pager.”

“You can also build on someone else’s result (just use someone else’s job as an input with the “add job” button)” and “you’ll be able to collaboratively fund a job (crowdzapping 😂),” PabloF7z said.

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