Validating Lightning Signer (VLS) v0.10.0: Improved Performance on Low Resource Signers

“We’re thrilled to announce the a fresh VLS release, focused on improving the performance of VLS running on low resource signers. We invite Lightning developers and companies to try it out and provide feedback that will shape future VLS releases.””Join our Matrix room, submit feature requests, and test VLS with sample CLN or LDK nodes.”

What’s new

Signer runs in no-std environment without a standard librarySigner can run on modest amounts of RAM and ROMTuning performance for embedded processorsCompatibility with CLN 23.08 releaseSee here for a full changelog

What’s next

Multi-signer support (not multi-sig)Latency and memory usage fine tuningExpose VLS monitoring dataDockerized VLS (vlsd, cln/ldk, txood, lssd, bitcoind, cln)

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