US Government Argues That Disclosure of Chainalysis Heuristics Would ‘Jeopardize Law Enforcement Investigations’

“In the newly released court documents, the US government defines software developed to protect individual financial privacy on the blockchain, such as coinjoins, as “adversarial”, contending that the disclosure of Chainalysis training methods and techniques bears the reasonable expectation to enable “circumvention of the law,” reported L0la L33tz.”The supplemental Chainalysis heuristics information contains granular, nonpublic information about the behavioral heuristics used to “fingerprint” specific Darknet markets and other illegal services, as well as information about the techniques used by Chainalysis to detect and control for adversarial coinjoin services intended to obfuscate Bitcoin transactions,” was stated in the court document.”There is a significant risk that disclosure would allow the defendant or others to develop specific countermeasures to these sensitive techniques.””The defendant does not have a right to personally review all discovery materials. “The Supreme Court has made clear that ‘[t]here is no general constitutional right to discovery in a criminal case.”Now deleted article by CoinDesk showcases that US government is one of the major investors in Chainalysis.In related news, Chainalysis recently laid off 15% of its staff.

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