Troubled Bitcoin Mining Pool ‘Poolin’ Providing IOU Tokens Amid Withdrawal Freeze Due to Solvency Issues

The IOU-token represents users’ certain kind of asset held in the assets account of PoolinWallet as well as the mining pool account of PoolinMiningPool. There will be six IOU-tokens issued by PoolinWallet, namely the IOUBTC, IOUETH, IOUUSDT, IOULTC, IOUZEC, and IOUDoge, representing users’ original holdings of BTC, ETH, USDT, LTC, ZEC, and Doge, respectively at 1:1 ratio.IOU-tokens are standard ERC-20 tokens issued on the Ethereum blockchain by PoolinWallet.The withdrawals of IOU-tokens are unlimited. Users could withdraw their IOU-tokens at any time. The withdrawal request will be approved quickly and automatically.PoolinWallet will redeem users’ IOU-tokens with the ultimate goal of burning all the IOU-tokens batch by batch. The ratio of IOU-token to token will stay at 1:1 in PoolinWallet App.

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