Trezor Introduces Safe 3 Signing Device & Trezor Keep Metal Backup

Trezor is celebrating its 10th anniversary by releasing new entry-level self-custody products – Trezor Safe 3 (Universal and Bitcoin-only editions) for $79, and Trezor Keep Metal 12-word and 24-word standard backups for $99, and 20-word Shamir backups for $249.Trezor Safe 3 is available in two editions: limited Bitcoin-only edition (2013 units available for now) and universal (supports over 7000 shitcoins).Trezor also revealed that it is collaborating with a third-party secure element vendor for Trezor Safe 3.

Trezor Safe 3 Bitcoin-only Celebrating 10 years of Trezor with a limited-edition bitcoin-only wallet.

— Trezor (@Trezor) October 12, 2023

The device comes in four colors: solar gold, stellar silver, galactic rose and cosmic black.Trezor will donate $21 from each Bitcoin-only device sale to support its educational initiative called Trezor Academy.

Trezor Safe 3 specifications

Trezor Keep Metal specifications (standard)

Trezor Keep Metal specifications (standard)

Available for pre-order, Trezor Safe 3 and Trezor Keep Metal will be shipped in mid-November.

Trezor Safe 3 Page
Keep Metal Page (Standard)
Keep Metal Page (Shamir)

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