Torq v1.3.0: Refined Dashboard, Advanced Workflow Channel Filters & More

Note: This release (v1.3.0) contains data migrations and you cannot rollback to a previous version.

Earlier release (v1.2.0) included the following updates:

A refined dashboard.Advanced workflow channel filters.CLN pagination support, and more.

What’s new in v1.3.0

CLN:Rabalancer (limited support due to ElementsProject/lightning#6641)Payment choosing a certain outbound channelSupport for move fundsLND:On-chain transaction fixesFront-end:Filtering logic for datesImprove performance of workflow logs pageWorkflows:Webhook support (with templating in body and URL) in workflows (HTTP GET/POST)Fix rapid fire rebalancing

What’s new in v1.2.0

Improved Dashboard layoutExtra workflow channel filter options based on last activity timestamp (Balance Change, Payment, Invoice, Forward)Some of these fields only works for LND for nowSupport for CLN pagination.NB! This release requires CLN v23.08 or above.All invoices will be re-downloaded into Torq on first start after upgrade.Added Customer ID to torq Checkout pageWorkflow Logs Layout fixes and improvementsSearch on Open, Closed and Pending Channels is now looking for channel ids and pub keys as well as Peer Alias.Improvements to Torq settings pageUses Scaling LightningFixes for close channel workflow notificationsAliases are now still obtained when new channel are pendingFixes column ordering on channels pages

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