TBD, Circle, Linux Foundation Announced New Initiative for Decentralized Identity and Open Payment Standards

“Together, they intend to leverage their scale, technical and operational capabilities to form a non-profit foundation that will make digital finance more accessible to everyone.””The organization will address the creation, dissemination and widespread adoption of decentralized identity and credential standards, as well as open payment applications supported by payment stablecoins like USDC.””It will also work to simplify and create universal naming conventions to make it easier to use today’s wallet addresses.””The mission of the organization is to serve as the vendor neutral home for the development of open source standards and decentralized technologies to enable mainstream adoption of decentralized IDs, credentials, and digital currency and financial applications.””Other leading organizations and open source developers, among others, will be invited to contribute to this initiative, which will be launched in collaboration with the Linux Foundation.”

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