Taproot Assets v0.3.0-alpha: First Mainnet Release

“Today we’re excited to release the mainnet alpha of the Taproot Assets daemon, providing a feature-complete developer experience for issuing, managing, and exploring stablecoins or other assets on the bitcoin blockchain.””This release also begins forward compatibility, which means the protocol will not have any more breaking changes that would affect assets issued on mainnet.””This mainnet release of the protocol supports on-chain functionality, with Lightning support coming soon.””IMPORTANT NOTE: To avoid loss of funds, it’s imperative that you read the Operational Safety Guidelines before using tapd on mainnet!”

What’s new

Automatically generated test vectors for all TLV encodings and MS-SMT tree and virtual machine logicChain re-organization protection and automatic proof re-generationAdd ability to burn assetsAsset-level coin locking/leasingFully implemented Multiverse tree structure to support syncing both issuance and transfer proofsNew type of proof courier: Universe RPC courier, transfers proofs from sender to recipient via any public or private universe serverProof courier type and server address can now be specifiedPrometheus metrics export supportAdded load test utility for generating asset mints and transfers on regtestImproved universe sync speed by batching database callsEasy distinguishability between proof files and individual proofs with magic byte prefixesFuture proof all data structures by adding version fieldsTapscript support for group keys to enable richer reissuance workflowsEnable mainnet as a supported Bitcoin network for tapdMany many bugs fixed and a lot of code cleaned up

RPC changes

Support for exporting and importing proofs for individual transfers to/from UniversesThe DecodeProof RPC now supports both proof files and individual proofsSupport for custom asset metadata typesMetadata is limited to 1 MiBStatistics on the total number of issuances and asset groups for Universe serversBetter information in the Universe individual asset statistics RPC responsesAdded more information on the minting RPC calls, can now see assets in batch and correct batch stateRuntime configuration of universe sync settingsAsset related RPCs now have the asset’s version as a new fieldProof related Universe RPC calls now expect a proof type alongside the ID to distinguish between issuance and transfer proofs

Migration from previous versions

There is no migration path, you HAVE to start with a fresh data directory by completely deleting the ~/.tapd directory.The public Lightning Labs Universe server was reset as well, all assets minted before v0.3.0-alpha cannot be used anymoreThis is the last breaking version, all assets minted with v0.3.0-alpha and later will be working in all future versionsThe ImportProof RPC call is now only available in development mode, since transferring proofs over private Universe servers is now possible and should be usedIssuance proofs now have two new fields, one for the genesis reveal and one for the group key reveal

Full Changelogv0.2.3…v0.3.0

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