Storm: Lightning/Nostr Enabled OCPP Bridge

“Each charge point added to Strom is configured with a unique nostr identity and LNURL friendly URL address. A static internet identifier (lightning address) could also be configured to initiate a charge.””Making a payment to the LNURL-p would initiate a charging session over OCPP, locking the cable and initiating communication with the vehicle.””When stopping the charge via LNURL-w, Strom needs to ensure that the initiator is the same as the LNURL-p payment so that someone else cannot stop the charge process or steal funds. Any prepaid amount that has not been consumed by charging can be refunded.””Zapping the nostr identity could would initiate a charging session in the same way as described above, as zapping is an extended LNURL-p flow.””To communicate with the charge point, Strom will use OCPP 1.6 over a websocket.”

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