StaticWire: Rent Internet Protocol Subnets Using Bitcoin’s Lightning Network

“StaticWire allows anyone to rent a tunnel that provides dedicated public static IPv4 addresses.””The underlying tunneling technology that makes StaticWire possible is Jason A. Donenfeld’s WireGuard.””StaticWire differs from other tunneling services that provide dedicated public static IPv4 addresses in that it requires no account setup and payments are made using the bitcoin lightning network.””StaticWire is a natural fit for bitcoin lightning node operators because they are highly incentivized to self host their hardware, would like remote access to their hardware, need to accept inbound lightning channels, and already have built in payment capabilities.””StaticWire provides both IPv4 and IPv6 subnets inside the tunnel. You can use StaticWire to host services, or if you don’t have IPv6 support provided by your internet service provider, you can use StaticWire as a way to get IPv6 connectivity.””StaticWire is currently available to test as a client with the command line tool staticIP.”

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