StartOS v0.3.5.1: Bugfix Release

“StartOS v0.3.5.1 has been released!””This is a patch version to fix a few bugs in v0.3.5.”

What’s new

Revert perpetual performance mode for quieter fanMinor bug fixes

What’s changed

[chore]: fix automated tests by @dr-bonez in #2506rename frontend to web and update contributing guide by @MattDHill in #2509Update by @MattDHill in #2511set better governor hierarchy and add cli command to change by @dr-bonez in #2519FE version bump and minor copy updates by @MattDHill in #2517bump version by @dr-bonez in #2520play song unconditionally by @dr-bonez in #2518allow non-zero exit cpupower frequency-info -g by @dr-bonez in #2523retry migration if incomplete by @dr-bonez in #2522redesign firmware updater by @dr-bonez in #2521improve robustness of install by @dr-bonez in #2524add cli to rotate key by @dr-bonez in #2525prevent hanging on reboot by @dr-bonez in #2526set content disposition for cert by @dr-bonez in #2527fix ntp sync status check daemon by @dr-bonez in #2528v0.3.5.1 by @dr-bonez in #2513

Full Changelogv0.3.5…v0.3.5.1

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