Stacker.News Adds Nostr Login, Zap Metadata & More

What’s new

Nostr login: you can now login with nostr and link nostr as an auth method to your account if you have a nostr browser extension installed (via @ekzyis).Nostr zap metadata in notifications when your wallet receives a nostr zap (via @ekzyis).
– We link to the npub of the nostrich that zapped you and note that was zapped and also include a zap message if there is one.
– We recognize Zapple Pay zaps and correctly link to the zapping nostrich.
– This was requested by @super_testnet and refined with feedback from @nerd2ninja.Proper usage of singular and plural unit labels everywhere (via @WeAreAllSatoshi).We highlight new comments when you return to a thread now. It also has a new indicator badge that doesn’t cause layout shift.We do a better job highlighting replies in threads when you click on them from notifications.
– protip: if you hit the back button after such a navigation, it will highlight the notification you came from so that you don’t lose your place.We made dark mode slightly less dark for readability (and lots of stackers hate it).

Other fixes

We lint PRs in a github action now (via @kevkevin);You shouldn’t lose your push notification subscriptions now (assuming we actually fixed it … please let us know if you lose yours) (via @ekzyis);Signing up (not logging in or linking) with twitter and github were broken (discovered by @WeAreAllSatoshi);Improvements were made to the local dev env (which has always been wip but it’s getting better) … (feedback from everyone mentioned here and;We were unintentionally caching the service worker for 24 hours (the browser default if not told otherwise) which would cause issues for everyone when we pushed updates. We don’t cache it anymore;Proper CORS on lnurl withdrawal endpoints (via

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