Spring v0.1.0: The Nostr Browser

“This is the first public Android release, we’re submitting to the Play Store, but an APK is ready for you to try – click here to download.””We believe this category of a Nostr-specific browser is a very powerful tool for all the nostriches and bitcoiners. It takes the experience of using Nostr micro-apps to the next level, and should help accelerate the adoption of non-social Nostr use cases.””If you hesitate to paste your nsec into the app, we totally get it – just use your (or someone else’s) npub to log in and look around. However, if you do add your real keys – those are handled by a separate library, stored in an encrypted form and protected by the Android keystore, inaccessible to any JS code, immune to XSS or app-level bugs.””IMPORTANT: nostr apps running inside the browser tabs can sign events and decrypt private messages without a confirmation screen and your explicit permission – do not use apps you don’t trust until we implement proper app permission management.”


add nsec keys or npubs, switch between keys;browse various interesting events on the homepage;trending stuff, suggested profiles, big zaps, highlights, long posts, live streams, nostr web apps;open any event in any web app that supports this event kind and has been published on nostr using NIP-89;open/close/hide the browser tabs, grouped by app/domain;log in inside the opened apps as if you have the ‘browser extension’ (nip-07 interface injected into tabs);pin apps/tabs to your app “drawer” for fast access;access your contact list at the search page, profiles sorted by recently-accessed first;search through profiles, notes and long posts;tab menu;if there is an event-id/npub in the url of the opened tab, you can zap the event, or open with another app from the menu (more coming soon);context menu;if you long-tap on a link with event-id/npub in the url, you can zap/open-with from the context menu;nostr: links clicked inside a tab are handled by showing a list of apps that support this event (NIP-89);long-tap on a text selection with event-id/npub to open the context menu to zap/open-with;paste a url to the search bar to open it in a new tab;paste an event-id/npub into the search bar to open it in a new tab

What’s next

key access permission management;reordering of pins in the app drawer;more event kinds on the homepage;search for more event kinds;tab switcher screen;NWC to inject WebLN into tabs;custom feeds on the home screen;custom tab/context menu items;DVMs for translation, transcription etc;and much more!

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