Spring Browser v0.6.0: Payments History, UX Improvements

“Great UX improvements in the Spring browser, v.0.6.0,” announced @brugeman.Now you know whom you zapped in the payment history screen.It’s also easier to switch between your keys and accounts.Added nice fast suggestions in search.And now new users have much more apps pinned on homescreen by default.

What’s new in v0.6.0

A new dropdown in Search with apps, tabs and contact listSearch suggestions and auto-fill from recent queriesZap recipients are now visible in payment history screenMore default pinned apps on new profile’s homescreenFaster switching between keysAdd review button in apps’ context menuFix paying of LN invoices copied to clipboardFix relay reconnect logic, should no longer get stuck after app resumeFix no longer attaching apps w/ github.com link to all github tabsFix crash on invoices w/ empty description_hashFix showing contacts from previous key after key switch

What’s new in v0.5.0

Add payment history screen;Add weekly feedback request, sent as structured Nostr DM;Add app logs at About screen;Add skeletons to contact list feed;Add bookmark lists and profile lists to Bookmarks page;Open with Native app now doesn’t require fetching from network;Fix broken encrypt/decrypt with nsecBunker (DMs);Hiding a tab ‘pauses’ it, so it doesn’t waste CPU on animations etc.

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