Spiral Renewed Grants to Ruben Somsen and WalletScrutiny

“Grant renewal. Ruben Somsen (@somsenruben) is a prolific Bitcoin developer working on silent payments, an on-chain payment format that aims to increase the privacy of static addresses. It’s a lot to summarize, so here’s the GitHub.””Grant renewal. @WalletScrutiny is one of the most important projects in bitcoin. Full stop. They are currently adding desktop wallet coverage, improving follow-up testing for wallet releases, and putting plans into place that will help quickly recruit contributors and reviewers.””Speaking of, they are looking for contributors to help test the always increasing number of wallets out there. With another bull market potentially on the horizon, this work is important. By contributing, you could be saving countless bitcoiners from financial ruin.”Start contributing at http://walletscrutiny.comRecently, Spiral also released its Q4 quarterly report.

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