Sparrow Wallet v1.7.9: Wallet Accounts Summary Dialog & More

“This release includes the much requested feature of a summary of the accounts in a wallet. Use accounts to segregate UTXOs from different origins or for different purposes, but keep track of your total using this dialog accessed from the View menu.””Keystore labels are now included in output descriptor QRs, including the QR in the PDF export. This means your keystore labels are restored when you scan the QR back into Sparrow.””Misspelt a transaction label? When you fix it, your change will now be propagated to related addresses and UTXOs. Previously only empty labels would change. If you have changed the address or UTXO label to something else however, it won’t be affected.””This release also contains support for nodes configured with mempoolfullrbf=1, allowing you to create RBF transactions regardless of whether the original signals replaceability. Close Sparrow and change the variable mempoolFullRbf in the config file (see FAQ for location).””There are several other features and bug fixes in this release, including an upgrade to HWI v2.3.1, another public Electrum server (thanks @sethforprivacy) and other UX improvements.”

What’s new

Add wallet accounts summary dialog (View menu)Support import and export of keystore labels in descriptor (ur:crypto-output) QR codesPropagate transaction label changes to inputs, outputs and addresses where their existing labels were set in the same mannerUpgrade to HWI v2.3.1Suggest clearing any existing keystores when the script type is changed in the Settings tabAdd public mainnet Electrum serverAvoid adding inputs when constructing a consolidation transaction replacement, allowing output to decreaseAdd mempoolFullRbf config variable to enable RBF functionality on mempool transactions without checking sequence flags (default false)Refactor transaction and UTXO table column sorting, add default sorting on new history if table was previously emptyAdd tooltip to account tab where label is truncatedAdd Jade multisig wallet importBug fix: In Terminal, check if theme is present to avoid exception on UTXO history updateBug fix: Support CompactSeedQR scanning using zbarBug fix: Fix single character multisig threshold parsing issueBug fix: Handle Bitcoin Core bug where listwalletdir returns empty results even when wallets are loadedBug fix: Use ControlPort auto instead of UNIX socket for internal Tor control to avoid a bug where UNIX socket path is too long

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