Someone Used Rewards Bug on Stacker.News to Withdraw 20M Sats

“The bug led rewards to payout 86743171000 sats rather than the intended 8774 sats … 867 bitcoin in rewards.””This made the site crash in various contexts when trying to express the rewards, rewarded stacker balances, or rewarded stacker stacked tallies (nearly everywhere) because our API layer expects 32bit signed ints.””The mistake has been fixed and the reward reversed where possible. However, one stacker managed to withdraw 20610000 sats that they didn’t – in reality – earn before we could correct the mistake.””If we can manage to get the sats back, I’ll drip all those sats back into the rewards pool over the next couple months.””If the stacker that withdrew them is reading this and values sats earned more than sats taken, I’ll voluntarily give you a nice chuck of what you withdrew. It’s ultimately my fault and I should pay for the mistake, but I’d prefer to give those sats back to the community.”

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