Snort v0.1.8: Wallet Connect, Trending Notes & More


Tamil Language supportQuoted notes are rendered embeddedMulti-account support for subscribersZapper key loading processing in background to speed up profile loadingExport keys page added to settingsNIP-94 support for rendering quoted file metadata eventsInteractions cache (zaps/likes/reports) for better UXFull screen image/video previews in modalRe-broadcast own events dialogNostr wallet connect supportCashu token parsing preview with redeem linkTrending notes/people tabs added to search page


Profile page loads only 200 latest notes, improving profile load times for accounts with less activity.New user flow has been tweaked to be shorter with NIP5 & Twitter import steps removed.


Thread navigation without page reload.NIP-42 functionality restored.a tagged kind 1 replies render properly under root event.

Full Changelog: v0.1.7…v0.1.8

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