Snort v0.1.24: 3 Column Layout & Other Improvements

“Snort v0.1.24 was tagged, another big month thanks to @Martti Malmi,” announced Kieran.

What’s new


3 Column layoutFuzzy cache searchFollowed by on profile pagesShow more on long notesBetter error message pageMedia grid feedMobile fixed footerFollow button on profile search resultsInvite codes (WIP Community Program)imeta tag insertion for imagesWallet settings page improvementsNostr Wallet Connect upgrade (balance + history)Schnorr sig check in WASM binaryAutoplay videos in feed (muted)Followed by friends feed (a feed of your 2nd degree follows posts)imgproxy image integrity check (sha256 from imeta passed to imgproxy)


Removed Twitter embedRemoved attachment button on DM’sNote broadcaster dialog changed to toast notificationRemoved npub link from profile (use QR button)Render image size from imeta tagsStyle fixesZap pool slider tweakNew Malay translationsUpdated Persian translationsUpdated Finnish translationsUpdated French translationsUpdated German translationsUpdated Hungarian translationsUpdated Swedish translationsUpdated Japanese translations


Longform note overlfow-xTrim zap content

Gitea Repo

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