Snort v0.1.13: New Design, Native Key Storage for Android

“This release includes the new Snort V2 design, as well as a new secure key storage for Android.””This greatly improves key storage by using Androids encrypted storage system, if you’re on android and you use the PWA currently, i highly recommend switching to the android app!”

What’s new


Snort V2 DesignNIP-24 Encrypted secret chats (nsec login only)NIP-13 Proof of Work (POW)NIP-31 Alt tag spec for unknown event kindsRender mentioned zap goals (Kind 9041)Embed fonts in src (No more google fonts requests)Native key storage for Android app (Nip7os interface)Swahili translationsThai translations


PWA pre-cache setup (Faster PWA loading)Show note creator button on profile pages


Umlauts in urlsReject events which don’t match request filter

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