Simple Bitcoin Wallet v2.5.1: RBF/CPFP for Hardware Wallets

“New SBW nostr key is npub1chxa2um7gl65ymyaagjrqys39mtzlwnm2drcs6qkqmme7k4edq4qghrjdd, you can trust it this time, I’ve encrypted it myself.””Twitter account will only be used for announcements from now on. All discussion, if any, will be happening on Nostr. Eventually this account will be fully deprecated.”

What’s new

CPFP, RBF boosting and cancelling are now enabled for hardware wallets, too.Much lighter and more logical interface, a lot of UI/UX improvements.LN support has been dropped as of v2.5: “Users who still have LN channels will be offered to close them, otherwise LN is no more usable.”

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