ShockWallet and Lightning.Pub Released for Public Testing

“We’re pleased to announce public test releases of ShockWallet and Lightning Pub,” announced Justin of Shocknet, a project behind platform.”As a continuation of the work we started during Legends of Lightning and NostrHack Hackathons, we’ve resumed work on ShockWallet and Lightning Pub, and we’d like you to test and provide feedback!”“Lightning Pub is a daemon for your Lightning Node, providing a full RPC and account system over nostr.””Pub’s nostr RPC gives your node LNURL and REST like capabilities, but fully end-to-end encrypted and bi-directional interfacing that “just works” in the browser, since nostr relays have solved the networking and SSL problems for you!””Now, with Lightning Pub, you can easily give websites, apps, friends, family, other guests, and wallets, granular access to your node without need for the complicated networking and setup of a traditional webserver.””We believe the future is the Uncle Jim in all of us on-boarding our personal circle, in a decentralized and sustainable way, without compromising on UX.””As the creators of Lightning.Video, we recently started using Lightning.Pub in production there, but a tool this powerful demanded an everyday wallet that could take advantage of all it has to offer. So, we’ve rebooted ShockWallet!”ShockWallet is built with React and Ionic allowing builds for PWAAndroid APK, or iOS. The iOS version is currently unbuilt and untested, help or donations requested.

ShockWallet features

UI PolishBootstrap or Self-Custodial ModeNode Multi-Sourcing (LNURL and LPUB)Pay To LNURL, LPUB, Chain Encrypted File Backup/RestoreClient-side transaction historyCustomizable Mempool endpointCustomizable Fiat estimator PWA and Android Builds (uses Ionic Framework, any volunteers for iOS build?)

What’s coming

Nostr native “Offers” / static QR specAutomation (Service subscriptions or auto moving sats to non-custodial node)ContactsNotifications“Jimvitations” to self-custodially onboard familyAdmin Dashboard for Lightning.Pub Nodes

ShockWallet and Lightning.Pub Pitch – Lightning.Video
Bolt.Fun Legends of Lightning 2 Hackathon Pitch for judges–1406

Announcement / Archive
GitHub Repo AMA

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