Samourai Dojo v1.21.0: $1 Fee Estimator

“The big new feature added in this release is the addition of $1 Fee Estimator to the Dojo API,” said Dojo Coder.”This fee estimator tries to determine the minimum fee rate required for a confirmation in the next block with a given probability. It only uses data from the mempool and it’s based on 2 empirical observations + a statistical property of mining,” was explained in a blog post.”A future Samourai Wallet release will be able to make use of this new API endpoint to better tell the user ideal transaction feerate.””The release also contains several small fixes and improvements.”

What’s new


Updated to BTC-RPC Explorer 3.4.0;Updated to Tor v0.4.8.5;Updated tp Fulcrum v1.9.1;Added $1 Fee Estimator;Adjusted standard fee estimation;Updated MariaDB Docker image;Updated Nginx Docker image;Added ability to connect to standalone MySQL over UNIX socket.


Store transactions in DB only once;Force logs to go into /dev/null;Run transaction unconfirmation in pool so the DB is not overwhelmed;Fix rescan-blocks script.


Fix release notes;Updated dependencies;Fix fees docs;Added additional build stage to Whirlpool dockerfile

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