RoninUI v2.4.0: Added Whirlpool UI

“The wait is over!! Users can now take full control of their Whirlpool CLI from a mobile phone, via local network or over Tor. This includes the option to pair Whirlpool CLI with a bitcoin wallet directly from your mobile phone,” announced RoninDojo on X.”Upon visiting the page, users can easily see the status of their mixes, their balances and have a control Whirlpool – stop or start mixing, display the next unused address of your Deposit account in order to receive coins from another wallet and display individual account states.””Our Whirlpool UI gives users basic abilities to filter and sort their UTXOs, copy transaction IDs and addresses and in case of Premix and Postmix to stop/start mixing certain UTXOs. Users can also display their wallet ZPUBs – those can be also added to Sentinel for watching.”

What’s new

Display better information about Electrum server pairingEnable addrindexrs installationBetter UX for Dojo pairingUpdated dependenciesAdded Whirlpool UI (and pairing)Adjust menu item paddingsAllow only letters and numbers in passwordRemoved faillock call

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