RoninDojo v2.1.1: Kernel Update, Security Patches & Fixes

“While developing the features and improvements we had scheduled for 2.2.0 (which are significant), we got reports of a nasty bug that we needed to squash.””This bug allowed incorrect passwords to sign into the UI. While there is very limited operations the UI can do, and the SSH was still secure and requiring the appropriate password, it was our top priority.””Things quickly turned as we had a growing issue with the Linux Kernel bug written¬†here. We didn’t want to push the fix till we had a good grasp of the kernel issue and a usable new image.””Very grateful for everyone that has been patient and understanding the situation with this kernel bug. It’s been a huge headache and stressor. The problem got progressively worse with time which was not what we expected. More announcements coming soon ;),” RoninDojo wrote on X.

What’s new

Kernel Upgrade to a more stable Armbian base image;Bug Fix: NOPASSWD property is now cleared from the ronindojo user after first time boot installation procedure is complete (previously only affected 2.1.0 new installs);Release images are now in 100% line with the RC that succeeded acceptance testing;Credits: dammkewl, BTCxZelko, 200keks, BrotherRabbit, RockyRococo, s2l1, kyc3, numbers.

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