Roman Sterlingov’s Defense To Examine Chainalysis Heuristics Under Protective Order, Trial Moved to February

“Chainalysis gave the defense sensitive proprietary information about their heuristics and because of this Chainalysis requested that the Court enter a more stringent protective order, which was granted,” reported posted Max Baron on X. “One of the defenses expert witnesses will not sign the new protective order because it exposes them to potential liability. This is the problem with the Government using private vendor to conduct criminal investigations.””This issue got the trial delayed from September to October. One of the defenses important expert witness – who they need for the full duration of the trial – was already to appear in another trial in October.””The next available date was in February. Now this is a hard date. The Court will not move the trial date again.””To request for a move of the trial date was Romans own call. Roman spoke up in court and was super respectful and polite and spoke of how he would accept moving the trial to a date that could facilitate this expert witnesses appearance.””The prosecution was trying to force an October trial. They dumped loads of discovery and material on the defense on the eve of the trial which meant that the defense would not have had time to analyze the material during the trial. This continuance gave the defense 5 months to go through the last minute dump of discovery and material.””This situation also means that Roman’s lawyers need to raise more money for Roman’s Defense.””This time however they are gagged from discussing Roman’s case on podcasts or media like they have in the past because of the more stringent protective order of the Court.””If anyone can help spread the word and this link where people can donate to Roman’s defense that would be great. If the defense doesn’t get enough funding they might not be able to afford some of their expert witnesses.”Consider donating for Roman’s Defense fund here.

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