RoboSats v0.5.3-alpha: Face-to-Face Cash Trades

“RoboSats v0.5.3 is now out! RoboSats client apps before v0.5.1 are no longer be compatible.””The app now allows robots to add a location for face-to-face cash trades. The book page will display a map with all F2F orders. “

What’s new

Face to face. “We have introduced a new feature, F2F (Face-to-Face), allowing users to add a location for face-to-face cash trades. The book page now displays a map with all F2F orders.”

– “For privacy reasons, the exact location of your order is slightly randomized (uniform random 15 x 15 Km noise) when you click on the map to locate it. This means it’s not possible to be precise, and the exact location can only be shared on the encrypted chat.”

– “Please note that using high-resolution maps can leak your IP to external tiling servers if you are not using Tor Browser.”

“Adding a geolocation tag to your order is only a good idea if you want to use face-to-face cash as a payment method. You can completely disregard this feature if you do not want to use this payment method.”

– “Thank you @KoalaSat who single-handedly implemented the F2F upgrade. Make sure to zap some sats his way!”RoboSats-deploy Coordinator Orchestration. “We have released the RoboSats-deploy coordinator orchestration in”

Other updates

Dependency updates.Small bug fixes.Improved DB Writes performance related to last_login user field.Fix small bug on order logging that made automatic dispute resolutions fail.Devfund Donation Pubkey has been updated to RoboSats experimental LND2 node.

Full Changelogv0.5.2-alpha…v0.5.3-alpha

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