RoboSats v0.4.3-alpha: Small Fixes & New Features

This release has many small fixes and new features:

Support for Iranian Toman (IRT) by @HT696.Order book performance improved by ~50%.Android app now launches your Telegram client or LN wallet when tapping on the QR codes.Fix “no robot” error on Android app.Add multi-architecture builds for Android (size of APK down from ~120MB to ~30MB).Improved order book column management (DataGrid updated to MUI-X v6).Up-to-date Spanish translation by @Gravity2106.Up-to-Data Catalan translation by @BlueLynx21.Fix Tinkoff payment method collision by @dirtyroom969.Coordinator allows all origins (prerequisite for further Federation-enabled clients testings).Improved handling of stray locked HTLCs.Improved handling of payout invoices that are “holded” or get stuck.Improved resource efficienty of celery tasks.Fixed celery tasks to check on outgoing stuck payments consuming all celery worker threads.Improved visuals on Telegram notifications ( …have EmOjIs…).New telegram notifications for first in-app chat message from peer and any subsequent message that has a gap of >5min.


Traducción completa by @Gravity2106 in #399Fix to prevent “Tinkoff” and “Tinkoff QR” methodos collision. by @dirtyroom969 in #400Update es.json by @Gravity2106 in #401Added Nostr donate info. by @jimtoshi in #402Add TG message for new in-app chat messages by @Reckless-Satoshi in #403Fixed npub address by @jimtoshi in #406Allow all cors origins by @Reckless-Satoshi in #407Migrate mui-x components to v6 by @Reckless-Satoshi in #408Update ca.json by @BlueLynx21 in #409Add stray locked htlc handler by @Reckless-Satoshi in #410Fixes “no robot”, add launchers on Android. by @Reckless-Satoshi in #411Added Iranian Toman (IRT) currency by @HT696 in #412Add multi architecture Android builds and reduce bundle sizes by @Reckless-Satoshi in #413

New Contributors

@jimtoshi made their first contribution in #402@HT696 made their first contribution in #412

Full Changelog: v0.4.2-alpha…v0.4.3-alpha

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