River To Reduce Its Lightning Node Capacity Further by 48%

“To properly align capital and manage channels to the right peers, we’ll be reducing River’s Lightning Nodes’ capacity by 48%, from 315 BTC to 151 BTC,” the company announced on X/Twitter.Last time River performed a larger channel closures, it inadvertently caused what some called “the largest downward change in channel capacity that we’ve yet seen.”“Don’t let the drop in capacity fool you, we’re seeing a record number of transactions through our nodes this month,” the company added.”Feel free to reach out to our team or Alex if you have questions! It’s beyond exciting to think about what the Lightning Network will mean for Bitcoin,” the company said on Twitter.Sam Wouters, Research Analyst at River added that the announcement is a “sneak peak of the upcoming Lightning research.”Last week, River shared their latest research report titled “Looking Ahead: Lightning Payments in 2025.


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