RGB v0.10: Stable Release

“It’s been 5 month since the first alpha of RGB v0.10 – and today we are thrilled to make the stable release of the RGB command-line tool and runtime library for desktop and mobile integration.””The library was extensively tested by several independent teams and powers three different wallets (MyCitadel on Desktop, Iris on Android, BitMask in Web); it also has stable results on end-to-end tests, including performing multiple complex transfers of multiple assets.””Finally, wallet developers may use BDK integration developed by Bitfinex team.””We are grateful for everybody involved in stabilizing RGB, including teams from @pandoraprime_ch, @bitfinex and @trydiba, as well as independent contributors.””You can read more about RGB v0.10 functionality in our previous announcement.”

What’s Changed since alpha:

Get correct server parameters by @crisdut in #6Add default resolver for regtest by @nicbus in #7Fix spelling by @rct-k in #11Add set-host command by @nicbus in #14Fx for consecutive transfers (dependency update) by @dr-orlovsky in #13Resolver Height (get by spent script) by @crisdut in #15Update to the resolver new APIs by @dr-orlovsky in #21Remove required electrum resolver by @dr-orlovsky in #23Update README.md by @Dimi8146 in #5

Full Changelog: v0.10.0-alpha.1…v0.10.0

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GitHub Repo

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