Relai Integrates Lightning Using Breez SDK & Greenlight

“As of now, you can sign up for the beta test for our Non-Custodial Relai Lightning Wallet. In cooperation with the renowned Lightning startup Breez, our goal is to harness the potential of the Lightning network,” announced Relai.”Lightning support will initially roll out as a closed invite-only beta program, slowly rolling out to full public access before the end of the year Q4 2023. Starting early 2024, Relai will expand the integration to direct purchases through their broker service directly into their Lightning wallets,” wrote Bitcoin Magazine.”Though an invitation-only beta for now, Relai and their thousands of users will drive traffic to Lightning through Breez. And we’re thrilled,” wrote Breez’s Roy Sheinfeld in a blog post.”Our collaboration with Breez fortifies our position at the forefront of the Bitcoin revolution in Europe. By integrating Bitcoin Lightning Wallet with the Breez SDK, we are not only enhancing the user experience but also propelling Bitcoin’s adoption as a daily transactional currency,” Breez CTO Adem was quoted as saying.

Sign up for Relai Lightning Beta

Step 1: Complete this form and submit it.Step 2: Make sure that you also confirm the email you’ll receive.Step 3: We’ll send you more information about the Beta after we’ve selected the initial test group (in a few days latest).

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