RaspiBlitz v1.10.0: Stability Fixes & Software Updates

“Version 1.10.0 of RaspiBlitz released,” announced @rootzoll.”Many stability fixes & updates: Bitcoin 25.0.0, LND 0.16.4, Core Lightning 23.08.1, LNbits 0.10.9, JAM (JoinMarket WebUI) .. and an experimental FinTS/HBCI home banking interface.”

What’s new

Update: RaspiOS base image from 2023-05-03Update: Bitcoin Core v25.0.0 detailsUpdate: LND v0.16.4-beta detailsUpdate: Core Lightning v23.08.1 detailsUpdate: Suez – Channel Visualization for LND & CLN detailsUpdate: Electrum Server in Rust (electrs) v0.10.0 detailsUpdate: C-lightningREST v0.10.5 detailsUpdate: RTL v0.14.0 detailsUpdate: Lightning Terminal v0.10.1-alpha detailsUpdate: Channel Tools (chantools) v0.11.3 detailsUpdate: LNDg v1.7.0 detailsUpdate: Thunderhub v0.13.19 detailsUpdate: LNbits 0.10.9 detailsUpdate: BTCPayServer 1.10.3 (postgres by default with sqlite migration) detailsUpdate: Specter Desktop 1.13.1 detailsUpdate: Kindle-Display 0.5.1 detailsUpdate: JoinMarket v0.9.10 detailsUpdate: JoininBox v0.8.1 detailsUpdate: Balance of Satoshis 15.11.0 (bos) detailsFix: Homebanking Interface FinTS/HBCI (experimental) detailsRemove: Spark Wallet and Sparko CLN plugin (not maintained anymore)Remove: Faraday, Loop, Pool single installs – used in the LiT package insteadRemove: deactivate LNproxy in the menu and in provisionInfo: the users not intended to be logged in will not be available to change into (manage them from admin with sudo)

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